Having a family birthday! Having some sun time!!!!
I'm her new favorite human
The new #Podcast episode is out on your favorite platform now! Give it a listen hear our opinions and what the Bible says about certain topics relating to relationships! #God #TimeForACuppa #TimeToStart #Listen
Guys! The podcast was completed! It will be posted later today on YouTube! And it will be on other platforms tomorrow! Please tell me what you think of Time for a Cuppa! #Podcast #God #relationships #Jesus #Tea #Love
She won't let me go
Hey! Did you guys know a new video is out!? Have you wondered who God is or His qualities?! Well then check out my newest video!!! Channel link in bio!
On Saturday, my sister officially graduated from college! I'm really proud of her! I'm excited to see where she goes next!
My sister has her graduation today! Congradulate her down in the comments!
Been setting up the new set in my room while I've been cleaning! You like the camera mounting set up? 😂
Guys! Today at 3 a new vlog is coming out on my Youtube channel! Search for Asher Roland on the search bar and find the logo! See you there! I'm really proud of this one!
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